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Installation and maintenance of the universal shaft

Release time:2016-08-24
Transportation and storage
In order to avoid damage to the staff and the universal shaft, the safe transportation and storage of the universal shaft must be ensured.
Please read the following preventive measures in detail:
The use of nylon rope rough and lifting belt, if the use of steel to protect the shaft ends.
Transport of the universal shaft (see instructions) in the horizontal state
If you do not reach this requirement, in transit
Proper protective measures should be taken to prevent the spline from slipping off the shaft.
Must be stored with appropriate cross beam and support.
When storing the universal shaft, the stopper must be placed to prevent the shaft from rolling.
When the universal shaft is vertically placed, make sure that it does not fall down.
Universal shaft must be stored in a dry place.
When lifting the universal shaft, the tilt of the moving part (flange cross head and cross shaft) will result in danger and injury.
Remember do not use hand touch gimbal parts, there is a risk of serious injury!
In the course of transportation and storage, avoid vibration and impact.
When the universal shaft is stored and installed, no external force can be applied, and the spraying layer and the sealing ring of the spline can not be loaded.
In order to ensure the consistency of the performance of the universal shaft and the introduction of the manual, the performance status of the delivered universal shaft can not be changed at will.
Safety protection facilities must be taken in places where people and materials are dangerous due to the rotation of the universal shaft.
Must be equipped with safety protection device suitable (such as safety protection, brake fixed cover) so as to avoid the cardan shaft when rotating the loose and fall.
Extremely dangerous!
The universal shaft has the characteristics of flexibility and flexibility, and it is necessary to calculate the strength of the flexible vibration and the critical bending speed.
The critical bending speed is lower than the first order.
In order to ensure the safety and smooth rotation of the universal shaft, the value of the size of the corresponding universal shaft n * is forbidden, and the range of the value of the speed and the inclination angle is forbidden,
Please consult us.
In order to ensure the safety of the universal shaft, the flange of the universal shaft and the surface of the flange of the connecting piece must be kept free from dirt, grease and paint.
In the installation of universal shaft, and remember not to move the flange tray fork head to avoid damage.
Check the position of the flange fork head of the universal shaft, pay attention to the arrow mark, it must be carefully calibrated, prohibit to replace and change the spline.
Remove the transport protection materials before installation (such as baffle), if in doubt, please contact us.
Check the shaft axial and radial runout and flange for fixing and connecting parts of the bolt (see the cardan shaft by a connecting device flange section)
Prohibit the use of mounting lever joint, so as not to damage the nozzle and pressure relief valve.
Bolt and screw with specified material (strength).
The use requirements of bolts and screws Mu Xiang bolts shall be uniformly hand tighten the torque plate, symmetry.
When the fixed length universal shaft is used, a connecting part of the universal shaft is connected with the positioning pin of the flange plate by elasticity,
The change of length compensation caused by temperature variation is regulated by a suitable bearing adjusting device.
When the utility model is used for the universal shaft of the telescopic type, the flange plate of the connecting piece is firmly fixed on the universal shaft.
If the storage period of the universal shaft is more than 6 months, it should be re lubricated before use.
When spraying the universal shaft, the sliding range of the sealing ring must be confirmed (length compensation La).
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