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  • Installation and maintenance of the universal shaft
    In order to avoid damage to the staff and the universal shaft, the safe transportation and storage of the universal shaft must be ensured. Please read the following preventive measures in detail:
  • Performance analysis of diaphragm coupling
    Most of the power machinery must be reliable to solve the effective transmission of power. In the actual operation, prime mover and the change gear box, between the prime mover and the working machine, often due to site conditions the axis shift so that the drive shaft parts together into a very critical issue in high power and high speed unit and prime mover mounted shock absorber unit
  • The principle of expanding (compact) sets
    The expansion set is transmission product of a keyless connection structure, the axial force under the action of the expansion sleeve of the inner and outer sleeve inside outside the rose of the shaft and hub tightly and produce enough friction to transfer torque, so as to achieve the purpose of operation mechanism. Features: good centering performance connection; assembly without heating; the corresponding position of the shaft and the hub of the convenient adjustment; no stress concentration; bearing capacity; torque; good stability; high precision; not to damage the mating surface.
  • ADK expansion sleeve unique light decoration effect
    ADK uses the expansion sleeve finishing the international advanced surface treatment processing expansion sleeve, greatly improve the accuracy and expanding surface concentricity, no burr chamfer, edge smooth, easy installation, suitable for frequent disassembly applications.
  • Installation and use of common coupling
    1 rigid coupling 1.1. flange coupling 1.1.1 common type: 2 (a) to (b) in the non tenon tenon (c) with a protective edge of the 1.1.2 installation and maintenance requirements: the use of coupling drive machine, coupling centering deviation of two shafts and couplings end clearance, technical documents should meet the requirements of the machine. If there is no requirement, the following requirements shall be:
  • Basic knowledge of belt drive
    Composition: belt drive belt pulley 1, a driven belt wheel 2, a driving belt 3 and frame. 2 working principle: when the driving wheel rotates, the belt and the belt wheel between the work surface friction or engagement, driving wheels are driven to rotate and transfer power. 3 to improve the transmission ability of measures:, N, alpha (angle) 4 transmission ratio: i=n1/n2=D2/D1
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