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Brand story / HARMONY brand origin

HARMONY (harmony) is mu Xiang machinery of the independent brand, the main products are servo motor coupling, overloaded motor couplings, cross universal coupling, etc., products are mainly used in precision automation, CNC, papermaking, metallurgy, chemical, mining, printing, textile, energy and other industries by users at home and abroad alike!


Applied in mine and coal delivery occasions SHJ snake type spring coupling, its good mechanical performance, can withstand the range of load changes, starting safety, good shock absorption performance, is the ideal heavy coupling.

The universal GCL type drum type gear coupling of mine metallurgical equipment has good axial, radial and angular deviation correcting capability, which can meet the requirements of various working conditions.


Is the ideal choice for precision printing equipment Mlgs type steel diaphragm coupling, single control, dual control, error compensation ability strong, the stress concentration in the length of the connection between small, multi-color and Taiwan can be selected by the customer!


Commonly used XL type elastic shaft coupling of textile equipment is excellent in general performance, maintenance free, absorb vibration, no tooth gap, inertia is small.

The connecting rod is made of nylon internal tooth NL, special arc tooth technology, small friction, maintenance free, high temperature resistance (100 degrees +), low temperature state nylon not brittle.

HARMONY brand patent a1-a9 special colloidal design, a perfect substitute for the traditional plum blossom type shaft coupling of the installation defects, without moving motor base can be disassembled, separation type colloid in radial can be mounted to the body and the outer steel sleeve paint type, high speed free cover design, explosion-proof performance excellent.


Applications in chemical, chemical fiber and various types of pump coupling HARMONY fast split type and ML plum type flexible coupling, excellent shock absorption, cushioning performance is superior, no lubrication, quick replacement of the replacement of the elastic pad without axial movement.


Application in industrial automation, automotive production line, servo motor, encoder and other occasions, such as the transmission of light load type coupling MLL aluminum diaphragm, plum, chain couplings have good transmission performance. Single diaphragm and double diaphragm for selection, compact structure, convenient installation, bolt clamping type and expansion sleeve type can freely choose!


Paper, plastic film mulching, application in the field of energy is high flexible occasion TLC and TL type pin gear coupling structure simple, replacing the pin and convenient for intermediate shaft coupling.
More applications of the HARMONY are corresponding to the coupling model, for the convenience of customers to select the HARMONY coupling of the engineer to provide advice and technical support for free! To play its role in the field of industrial coupling transmission at home and abroad.

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